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Welcome to Lifestyle Perspective

We all know that to lose weight we just have to eat less and move around more – but we also know that it can be incredibly difficult to stick to a diet or exercise programme and so can easily find ourselves steadily increasing weight, rather than slimming down to our ideal size.

The evidence based Weight Management Programmes at Lifestyle Perspective are unique in the way they involve a highly pesonalised approach and are based on psychological theories and principles that enable you to identify factors that are hindering your ability to lose weight.

Lifestyle Perspective now offers 3 ways in which you can benefit from our approach:

  1. Residential Programme – with the option of a full year of support
  2. One Day Workshop
  3. Online Programme

All programmes are run by a Health Psychologist and are designed to enable you to think and behave differently in relation to food and exercise.

There is the option to follow the residential weekend with a full year of support from the Lifestyle Perspective Team, which will be individually tailored to your own personal needs. Then at the end of the year we all come back together again to analyse the experiences we have had over the year, celebrate the successes and provide help and support for the remaining challenges.

This is not a boot camp. The residential weekend takes place in 4 star accommodation, with a friendly, comfortable and peaceful atmosphere.

We only run groups with between 5 and 10 people at a time, so personal attention is always maximized. We don’t have off the shelf solutions, we provide tools, advice and support to identify the best methods to lose weight that are going to work for you and then help you to implement and maintain the change.

Our team of health psychologists, dietitians and physical activity experts ensures we have a rounded approach to guiding your weight loss, Lifestyle Perspective focuses on long term, sustainable changes in behaviour which lead to healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives.